Caini de vanatoare

A cold day in February. We have all got together, shriveling with cold, in a conference room of our hosts – The “Vasile Lascar” Police School in Câmpina. The session starts, we are informed that finally we are starting our journey. A journey which will not be easy but that we will take together, a journey that we have been wanting for so long and which today, February 17th, 2007, on the occasion of this meeting, finally starts.

We are invited to take part in the foundation of a new family, in the commencement of some constructive actions for canine hunting. We all desire that, once we start this journey, together, in the “National Club of Hunting Work for Pointing Dogs”, we can overcome the carelessness which should have been long eradicated.



Art. 1.   Denumirea, forma juridica, organizarea, sediul si durata de functionare:    

Clubul National Câini de Aret ( denumit în continuare C.N.C.A.), este persoana juridica româna, fara scop lucrativ, apolitica, nonguvernamentala si nonprofit, constituita în temeiul O.G. nr. 26/2000 modificata si completata de O.G. nr.37/2003, se înfiinteaza la initiativa urmatorilor membri fondatori:



Membri de onoare:

  • Ing. Emeric Bogdan
  • Ing. Stravoiu Nicolae
  • Dr. Kelemen Ottilo
  • Albulescu Mihai
  • Cms. Sef Manta Emil


Arbitri de lucru nationali si internationali atestati AChR

Comisia de arbitrii este formata din urmatorii membrii:

Contul Clubului National Caini de Aret este:
Banca Transilvania , sucursala Campina , jud.Prahova